Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions, Volume 5

Edited by Federico Sánchez, Carmen Quinto, Isabel M. López-Lara, and Otto Geiger

Price: $89

2006; 6" x 9" Hardcover; 744 pages; 115 Illustrations, 13 tables; ISBNs 10 Digit: 0-9654625-4-4; 13-Digit: 978-0-9654625-4-9; (4 pounds); Item No. 62549

This 744 page book provides the papers from the scientists who presented their research results at the 12th International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions held December 2005 in Merida in Yucatan, Mexico. The editors, from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Cuernavaca, describe the Congress as “a feast of great science, exploring the cutting edge aspects of plant-microbe interactions.” Readers, too, will find a feast of information in this book as IS-MPMI is making a limited supply available to those who did not attend the Congress.

The book is organized around 17 research themes: •Recognition of Pathogens by Plants; •Down-Stream Signalling Events in Plant-Microbe Recognition; •Plant Cellular and Physiological Responses in Plant-Microbe Interactions; •Plant Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Microbes; •The Innate Immune Response in Plant-Microbe and Animal-Microbe Interactions; •Post-Transcriptional Regulation and Gene Silencing; •Cell-Cell Communication; •Ecology and Evolution in the Interactions between Plant and Microbes; •Biocontrol and Quorum Sensing; •Virulence Effectors and Molecular Mimicry; •Interactions between Plants and Virus; •Interactions of Plants and Symbiotic Bacteria; •Interactions between Plants and Mycorrhizal Fungi; •Interactions between Pathogenic Fungi and Plants; •Interactions between Plants and Nematodes, •Plants and Insects and •Innate Immune Response in Animals.

Hundreds of scientists have contributed to this work which delivers the advances of this fast-moving field of molecular plant-microbe interactions in a single essential resource. This hardcover reference comes complete with Indexes by both subject and author.


Recognition of Pathogens by Plants

Indirect Recognition of Bacterial Type III Effectors by Arabidopsis and Soybean
Roger Innes, Jules Ade, Thomas Ashfield, Brody DeYoung, Catherine Golstein, Peter Merritt, Laura Ong and Mark Stoutemyer

Exploring the Pectin Network to Identify Determinants of Plant Resistance to Pathogens
Giulia De Lorenzo, Felice Cervone, Fred Ausubel, Claudio Caprari, Julia Dewdney, Adele Di Matteo, Simone Ferrari, Roberta Galletti, Benedetta Mattei, Daniela Pontiggia, Francesca Sicilia

The Agrobacterium Type IV Secretion System
John Zupan, Olga Draper, Cheryl Hackworth, Rebecca Middleton, and Patricia Zambryski

Receptor-like Kinases and Innate Immunity in Plants
Georg Felix, Pascal Bittel, Delphine Chinchilla, Gernot Kunze, Silke Robatzek, Cyril Zipfel and Thomas Boller

Recognition of the Bacterial PAMP EF-Tu by the Arabidopsis Receptor Kinase EFR
Cyril Zipfel, Gernot Kunze, Delphine Chinchilla, Anne Caniard, Georg Felix and Thomas Boller

Down-Stream Signalling Events in Plant-Microbe Recognition

Functional Analysis of Avr2 and Avr4 Proteins of Cladosporium fulvum
Pierre J.G.M. de Wit, B.F. Brandwagt, M.D. Bolton, H.A. van den Burg, H.P. van Esse, E.F. Fradin, S.H.E.J. Gabriëls, U. Ellendorff, R.A.L. van der Hoorn, J.D.G. Jones, M.H.A.J. Joosten, J.W. van ‘t Klooster, M.J.D. de Kock, M. Kruijt, P.W.H. Lindhout, H.C.E. Rooney, I. Stergiopoulos, I.J.E. Stulemeijer, J.J.M. Vervoort, J.H. Vossen and B.P.H.J. Thomma

Chitin Oligosaccharide Signaling in Plants
Gary Stacey and Jinrong Wan

Conservation and Cross Talk in the Nodulation and Mycorrhization Signalling Pathways
Frédéric Debellé, Olivier Godfroy, Boglarka Oláh, Christian Brière, Guillaume Bécard, Jean Dénarié, Clare Gough, and Charles Rosenberg

New Insights into Nod-Factor-Induced Ca2+ Signalling Determined Using Lotus japonicus Mutants and Transgenic Medicago truncatula Expressing a Ca2+-Sensing Cameleon Protein
Hiroki Miwa, Jongho Sun, Cynthia Gleason, Anne Heckman, Fabien Lombardo, Anne Edwards, Giles E. D. Oldroyd and J. Allan Downie

Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Component of Nodulation-Specific Signal Transduction, TINod (Transcription Initiator for Nodulation), in Lotus japonicus
Yasuhiro Murakami, Hiroki Miwa, Haruko Imaizumi-Anraku, Xinwang Wang, J. Allan Downie, Masayoshi Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Kouchi, and Shinji Kawasaki

Phaseolus vulgaris Phosphatidylinositol 3-, Kinase (PvPI3K) Root Transcript Levels After Rhizobium Inoculation, and Its Potential Interaction with the Actin Cytoskeleton
Georgina Estrada, Rosaura Aparicio, Gabriel Guillén, Juan Elías Olivares, Rodolfo López-Gómez, Cesar de los Santos-Briones, Noreide Nava, Guillermo Dávila, Carmen Quinto, and Federico Sánchez

Cellular Plant Responses in Plant-Microbe Interactions

Dynamic Subcellular Responses in Plants During Interactions with Fungi and Oomycetes
Adrienne R. Hardham and Daigo Takemoto Cytoskeleton and Cellular Responses in Rhizobium-Legume Interactions: Are Microtubules the Primary Cytoskeletal Target of Nod Factor?
John J. Esseling, Björn J. Sieberer, Norbert C.A. de Ruijter, Tijs Ketelaar, Anne Mie C. Emons

Early Actin Polymerization and ROS Changes in Phaseolus vulgaris Root Hairs Responding to Rhizobium etli Nod Factors
Luis Cárdenas, Adán Martínez, Marco Mundo, Olivia Santana, Noreide Nava, and Carmen Quinto

Functional Analysis of the Flagellin Sensing Receptor Kinase FLS2: Significance of Critical Threonine Residues in Its Cytoplasmic Domain
Silke Robatzek, Delphine Chinchilla and Thomas Boller

Physiological Responses in Plant-Microbe Interactions

Insights into Nodule Physiology and Metabolism from Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics, and Genetics
Michael Udvardi, Thomas Ott, Lene Krusell, Guilhem Desbrosses, Vera Voroshilova, G Colebatch, Maren Wandrey, Ombretta Montanari, Klementina Kakar, Katja Krause, Catrin Günther, Joost van Dongen, Helene Vigeolas, Peter Geigenberger, Ute Kraemer, S Kloska, J Kopka, Shusei Sato, Yasukazu Nakamura, Satoshi Tabata, Euan K. James, Masayoshi Kawaguchi, Ai Miyamoto, Norio Suganuma, Niels Sandal, and Jens Stougaard

Metabolomics and Integrated Functional Genomics of Medicago truncatula Responses to Biotic and Abiotic Stress
Corey D. Broeckling, Mohamed Farag, David Huhman, Marina Naoumkina, Bettina Deavour, Zhentian Lei, Bonnie S. Watson, Joel T. Smith, Gregory D. May, Pedro Mendes, Richard A. Dixon , Lloyd W. Sumner, and Ewa Urbanczyk-Wochniak

Metabolic Diversity in Plants
Saleha Bakht, Ben Field, Yoshishige Inagaki, Helen Jenner, Rachel Melton, Panagiota Mylona, Xiaoquan Qi, Bo Qin, Belinda Townsend, Eva Wegel, and Anne Osbourn

Nodule-Specific, Symbiosome Space Calmodulin-Like Proteins in Medicago truncatula
Maria Fedorova, Junqi Liu, Susan S. Miller, Bruna Bucciarelli, Christina Catalano, D. Janine Sherrier, Peter Matsumoto, and Carroll P. Vance

The Oxygen Regulation Network of Bradyrhizobium japonicum: New Insights from Genome-Wide Transcriptome Analyses
Andrea Lindemann, Felix Hauser, Gabriella Pessi, Socorro Mesa, Hans-Martin Fischer and Hauke Hennecke

Genomic and Genetic Approaches to Understanding the Physiology of Sinorhizobium meliloti
Svetlana Yurgel, Brenda K. Schroeder, Brent L. House, Michael W. Mortimer, Scott C. Maloney, Casey A. Taylor, Kristel L. Ward, Hope T. Ziemkiewicz, John J. Bovitz, Hao Jin, and Michael L. Kahn

Function of Rhizobial Membrane Lipids for the Symbiosis with Legumes
Otto Geiger, Christian Sohlenkamp, and Isabel M. López-Lara

Genomic Approaches for Analysis of Legume-Rhizobium Symbiotic Interactions and Nodule Metabolism in Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Miguel Lara, Lourdes Blanco, Sonia Silvente, Michelle A. Graham, Mario Ramirez, Pallavolu M. Reddy, Georgina Hernandez and Carroll Vance

Responses of the Plant Host Medicago truncatula to Succinoglycan, an Exopolysaccharide Produced by the Symbiotic Bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti and Required for Infection Thread Formation
Kathryn M. Jones, Natalya Sharopova, Dasharath Lohar, Kathryn A. VandenBosch, and Graham C. Walker

Expression Patterns of Oxalate Oxidase-like Genes Associated with Blast Resistance QTL on Chromosome 8 of Oryza sativa
Rebecca M. Davidson, Patricia Manosalva, Casiana Vera Cruz, Hei Leung and Jan E. Leach

Transgenerational Changes in the Genome Stability and Methylation in Pathogen-Infected Plants
Alexander Boyko, Palak Kathiria, Franz Zemp, and Igor Kovalchuk

N-Acylethanolamines: Lipid Mediators of Plant Cytoskeletal Organization and Response to Environmental Stress
Elison B. Blancaflor, Christy M. Motes, Yuh-Shuh Wang, Li Kang, Kirankumar S. Mysore and Kent D. Chapman

All-Native DNA Transformation
Kathleen Swords, Jingsong Ye, J. Troy Weeks, and Caius M. Rommens

Plant Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Microbes

Salicylic Acid-Binding Protein (SABP)2 and Systemic Acquired Resistance
Daniel F. Klessig, Dhirendra Kumar, Farhad Forouhar, Liang Tong, Yue Yang, Eran Pichersky, Gaetano T. Montelione, Yang Chen, Sang-Wook Park, A. Corina Vlot, and Vladimir Shulaev

Regulatory Roles of NPR1 in Plant Defense: Regulation and Function
Steven H. Spoel, Zhonglin Mou, Xudong Zhang, Corné M.J. Pieterse, and Xinnian Dong

Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Induced Resistance Signaling in Arabidopsis
Corné M.J. Pieterse, Johan A. Van Pelt, Bas W.M. Verhagen, Martin de Vos, Vivian R. van Oosten, Sjoerd van der Ent, Annemart Koornneef, Marieke H.A. van Hulten, Maria J. Pozo, Jurriaan Ton, Marcel Dicke, and L.C. van Loon

Metabolite Signaling; Role of Fatty Acids in Plant Defense
Aardra Kachroo, Srivathsa C. Venugopal, Duroy A. Navarre, Ludmila Lapchyk, and Pradeep Kachroo

Receptor-Mediated Resistance and Susceptibility: Looking at Both Sides of the Coin
Mahmut Tör, Eric Holub, Ben Kemp, Volkan Çevik, Kubilay Bastas, Emily Clewes, Chengguo Shen, and Alison Woods-Tör

Vacuolar Processing Enzyme, A Key Molecule in Both Pathogen-Cell Death and Phytotoxin-Induced Cell Death in Higher Plants
Miwa Kuroyanagi, Noriyuki Hatsugai, Mikio Nishimura, and Ikuko Hara-Nishimura mlo-Mediated Broad-Spectrum Powdery Mildew Resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Chiara Consonni, Matthew Humphry, John Vogel, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Shauna Somerville and Ralph Panstruga

Innate Immune and Non-Host Response in Interactions Between Plants and Microbes

The NBARC-LRR Protein Prf Interacts with Pto Kinase in vivo to Regulate Plant Immunity
Tatiana Mucyn and John P. Rathjen

The NB-ARC Domain of R Proteins Acts as a Molecular Switch Regulating Plant Innate Immunity
Frank L.W. Takken, Wladimir I.L. Tameling, Jack H. Vossen, Mario Albrecht, Jan A. Berden, Gerben van Ooijen and Ben J.C. Cornelissen

Elicitation of Plant Innate Immunity by Lipo-Oligosaccharide of Xanthomonas campestris
Mari-Anne Newman, Gitte Erbs, Tina Tandrup Jensen, J. Maxwell Dow, Antonio Molinaro, Michelangelo Parrilli

Suppression of Basal Innate Immunity in Arabidopsis by Pseudomonas syringae
S.Y. He, E. Bray Speth, S. DebRoy, P. Hauck, M. Melotto, K. Nomura, and W. Underwood

Post-Transcriptional Regulation and Gene Silencing

Differential Accumulation of a Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein mRNA from Cucurbita maxima (Pumpkin) in Response to CMV Infection
J. Jesús Hinojosa-Moya, Beatriz Xoconostle-Cázares, William J. Lucas and Roberto Ruiz-Medrano

Identification and Analysis of Multi-Layered Disease Resistance Pathways in Arabidopsis
Terrence P. Delaney, Benoit St. Pierre, Zhen Li and Cristiana Argueso

Virus Induced Gene Silencing: Mechanisms and Applications for the Functional Characterization of Genes Associated to Pathogen Resistance
Christophe Lacomme, Maria Barciszewska-Pacak, Ingo Hein, Jane Shaw, Ken Shirasu, Attila Molnar, Tibor Csorba and Jozsef Burgyan

Nonhost Resistance of Arabidopsis to Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola Is Mediated by Multiple, Independently Effective Layers of Basal Defense
Jong Hyun Ham, Min Gab Kim, and David Mackey

Cell-Cell Communication

Cell-to-Cell Movement of Potato Virus X
Jeanmarie Verchot-Lubicz, Ho-Jong Ju, and Timmy D. Samuels

Systems Biology Explanations of Cell-to-Cell Communication Coordinating the Arabidopsis Hypersensitive Response
Allan D. Shapiro, Vikas Agrawal, Prasad S. Dhurjati, Kirk J. Czymmek, Babatunde Ogunnaike, and Chu Zhang

Analysis of Cell Wall Synthesis in Feeding Cells Formed by Root-Knot Nematodes
Laura C Hudson, Candace H Haigler, and Eric L Davis

Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Genes Required for Elicitation of Disease Resistance in Xa21-rice
S. Burdman, S.W. Lee, A. Stolov, S.W. Han, K.S. Jeong, A. Valverde, and P. Ronald

Ecology and Evolution in the Interactions Between Plants and Microbes

Superficial Liaisons: Colonization of Roots and Abiotic Surfaces by Rhizobia
Fujishige, N.A, Rinaudi, L., Giordano, W., and Hirsch, A.M.

Ecology and Molecular Evolution of Alfalfa Nodulating Sinorhizobium meliloti Strains Analyzed in a Long-Term Field Experiment
Alfred Puehler, M. Keller, A. Schlueter, W. Selbitschka, and M. Stiens

Metabolic Switches in Azospirillum in Response to Abiotic Factors
Vanderleyden, J., Spaepen, S., Somers, E., Gysegom, P., Ona, O., Van Dommelen, A., Prinsen, E., Versees, M. and Steyaert J.

Lateral Transfer of Rhizobium Symbiotic Plasmids Leading to Genomic Innovation
Marco Antonio Rogel, Cynthia Torres, Lourdes Lloret, Mónica Rosenblueth, Ismael Hernández-Lucas, Lucia Martínez, Julio Martínez, Esperanza Martínez-Romero

Species Delineation and Biogeography of Rhizobia: Two Case Studies
Claudia Silva, Pablo Vinuesa and Esperanza Martínez-Romero

Molecular Co-Evolution of the Rice Pi-ta Resistance Gene and Magnaporthe oryzae Avirulence Gene AVR-Pita
Yulin Jia , Erxun Zhou, Eugenia Winston, Pratibha Singh, Jim Correll, Fleet N Lee, and Barbara Valent

Biocontrol and Quorum Sensing

Quorum Sensing Controls Epiphytic Fitness and Virulence in Pseudomonas syringae
Steven E. Lindow, Beatriz Quiñones, and Glenn Dulla

Quorum Sensing Control of Type II System-Secreted Virulence Factors and Production of the Β-Lactam Antibiotic, 1-Carbapen-2-Em-3-Carboxylic Acid, in Erwinia carotovora: Identification of a LuxR-Type Virulence-Specific Regulator
S. Coulthurst, T. Burr, A. Barnard, P.C. Birch, S. Bowden, M. Corbett, K. Lilley, H. Liu, R. Monson, C. Pemberton, I.K. Toth, and G.P.C. Salmond

Regulatory Mechanisms of Secondary Metabolite Production in Beneficial Plant Associated Pseudomonas sp.
Guido V. Bloemberg, Geneviève Girard, Tjeerd van Rij, Jean-Frederic Dubern, Daan van den Broek, Thomas Chin-A-Woeng, Ine Mulders, Faina Kamilova, Shamil Validov, Sandra de Weert, and Ben J.J. Lugtenberg

The Plant Pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens: A Model to Study the Roles of Lactonases in the Quorum-Sensing Regulatory Network
Cathy d’Angelo-Picard, Elise Haudecoeur, Romain Chevrot, Yves Dessaux, and Denis Faure

Unraveling the Molecular Cross-Talk Between Biocontrol Fungi, Plants and Pathogens Provides New Tools for Disease Control
S. L. Woo, M. Rocco, R. Ciliento, R. Marra, F. Vinale, P. Ambrosino, S. Ferraioli, S. Lanzuise, S. Gigante, D. Turrà, F. Scala, and M. Lorito

Virulence Effectors and Molecular Mimicry

BST Is a Novel Arabidopsis Defense Gene That Recognizes the Xanthomonas Type III Effector AvrBsT in Planta and Limits Pathogen Growth
Mary Beth Mudgett, Ariane Wilson, Sébastien Cunnac, Jamie Nuwer, and Gayathri Baranage

Ralstonia solanacearum Type III-Dependent Pathogenesis: Genomic Approaches and Identification of Plant Targets
Valls M., Angot A., Occhialini A., Cunnac S., Poueymiro M., Barberis P., Guidot A., Peeters N.P., Boucher C. and S. Genin

A Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato avrE1/hopPM1 Mutant Is Severely Reduced in Growth and Lesion Formation in Tomato
Rena Shimizu, Jorge L. Badel, Hye-Sook Oh, and Alan Collmer

Control of Type III Secretion in the Plant Pathogen Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria
Daniela Büttner, Christian Lorenz and Ulla Bonas

Elucidation of the Virulence Activities of Pseudomonas Effector Proteins AvrPto and AvrPtoB
Pete E. Pascuzzi, Robert B. Abramovitch, Jeffrey C. Anderson, Nai-Chun Lin, Jonathan R. Cohn, and Gregory B. Martin

The Permeable Frontier—Fungal Proteins Smuggled into the Plant Cytoplasm
Peter Dodds, Ann-Maree Catanzariti, Greg Lawrence, Michael Ayliffe, and Jeff Ellis

Reprogramming the Host: The Effector Secretome of Phytophthora infestans
Sophien Kamoun

Interactions Between Plants and Virus

An Arabidopsis Protein That Mediates Nuclear Export of Begomovirus Genomes
Sondra G. Lazarowitz and Miguel F. Carvalho

The Structure of the Tobacco mosaic virus Replication Complex Is Modulated by the 126-kDa Protein and Complex and Protein Traffic Along Microfilaments
Jianzhong Liu, Elison B. Blancaflor and Richard S. Nelson

Adenosine Kinase Inhibition and Silencing Suppression by Geminivirus Proteins
David M. Bisaro

Viral Systemic Movement and Plant Vascular Development
Hailing Jin

Programmed Cell Death in a Virus-Induced Lethal Disease in Tomato
Ping Xu and Marilyn J. Roossinck

Mechanism of RNA Silencing-Mediated Innate Immunity Against Virus Infection
Shou-Wei Ding

Cell Biology and Genetics of Viroid-Host Interactions
Biao Ding

Intracellular Localisation and Trafficking of Viral Triple Gene Block Proteins
Lesley Torrance, Graham Cowan, Sophie Haupt, Christophe Lacomme, Trudi Gillespie, and Angelika Ziegler

Enhanced Tolerance to Viral Diseases in Plants Induced by Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria
J. A. Noh Medina, A. Asselin, L. Brisson and H. Antoun

Interactions of Plant and Symbiotic Bacteria

Assembly of Outer Membrane Saccharolipids in Rhizobium leguminosarum and Rhizobium etli
Suparna Kanjilal-Kolar and Christian R. H. Raetz

Functional Analysis of the Sinorhizobium meliloti Genome
Alison Cowie, Branka Poduska, Jiujun Cheng, Jane Fowler, Andrea Sartor, Chris Sibley, Rahat Zaheer, Cheryl Patten, Ying Fong, Richard Morton, Brian Golding and Turlough Finan

Identification of Sinorhizobium meliloti Early Symbiotic Genes Through a Positive Functional Screen
Xue-Song Zhang and Hai-Ping Cheng

A High Resolution Physical and Genetic Map of the Mega-Plasmid of Rhizobium sp. NGR234
Xavier Perret, Heiko Liesegang, Christel Schmeisser, Ruth Schmitz, Wolfgang Streit and William J. Broughton

Functional Characterization and Regulation of a Sinorhizobium meliloti Type IV Secretion System
Soto M. J., Oliva-García J. J., Pérez-Mendoza D., Blanca-Ordoñez H., Herrera-Cervera J. A., Olivares J. and Sanjuán J.

Signaling for Nodulation in a Water Stress Tolerant Legume
Marcelle Holsters, Ward Capoen, Jeroen Den Herder, Griet Den Herder, Danny Vereecke, and Sofie Goormachtig

A Rhizobium etli Mutant in Trehalose-6-Phosphate Synthase Gene Is Stress Sensitive and Affects Plant Growth
Carmen Orozco, Aarón Barraza, Arnoldo Wong, Ramón Suárez and Gabriel Iturriaga

Cellular and Molecular Approaches to Study the Primary Events of the Phaseolus vulgaris–Rhizobium etli Interaction
Carmen Quinto, Luis Cárdenas, Emilia Alemán, Noreide Nava, David Jáuregui and Olivia Santana

Differentiation of Host Cells and Endosymbionts During Nitrogen-Fixing Nodule Development
Eva Kondorosi, Peter Mergaert, Toshiki Uchiumi, José Maria Vinardell, Benoît Alunni, Zsolt Kelemen, Nicolas Maunoury, Frédérique Hubler, Francis Galibert, and Adam Kondorosi

Rhizobium Induced RNAi in Medicago truncatula
Erik Limpens, Andreas Untergasser, Ton Bisseling and René Geurts

Interactions Between Plants and Mycorrhizal Fungi

Signal-Related Gene Responses in Beneficial Root Interactions with Non-rhizobial Microorganisms
Vivienne Gianinazzi-Pearson, Stéphanie Weidmann, Pascale Seddas, Médard Massoumo, Diederik van Tuinen, and Silvio Gianinazzi

GFP Tagging in Medicago truncatula Roots Reveals a Novel Plant Intracellular Apparatus Required for Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Colonization
Andrea Genre, Mireille Chabaud, Ton Timmers, Paola Bonfante and David Barker

Interkingdom Macromolecular Trafficking in Endomycorrhiza Evidenced by GFP Translocation
Estela Flores-Gómez, Roberto Ruiz-Medrano, Rocío Morales-Rayas, Aseneth Herrera-Martínez, Blanca Reyes-Márquez, Beatriz Xoconostle-Cázares

Nutrient Mobilization by Ectomycorrhizal Mycelial Networks
Jesús Pérez-Moreno

Three Lotus japonicus Mutants Defective for Arbuscule Formation
Sonja Kosuta and Martin Parniske

An Experimental System to Synchronize the Early Events of Development of the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis
Melina Lopez-Meyer and Maria J. Harrison

Endocellular Bacteria/Gigaspora margarita/ Host Plants: Experimental Evidences of Arbuscular Mycorrhizas as Tripartite Interactions
P.Bonfante, E.Lumini, V.Bianciotto, P.Jargeat, A.Salvioli, A.Genre, B.Blal, M.Novero, A.Faccio, J.Batut, and G.Bécard

Interactions Between Pathogenic Fungi and Plants

Ustilago maydis: New Insights into the Early Infection Phase
Jan Schirawski, Thomas Brefort, Lazaro Molina, Artemio Mendoza-Mendoza, Olaf Müller and Regine Kahmann

Tomato Defense to Powdery Mildew Oidium neolycopersici
Yuling Bai, Chengwei Li, Guusje Bonnema and Pim Lindhout

SuperSAGE, a Potent Tool to Dissect Plant-Microbe Interactions
Ryohei Terauchi, Hideo Matsumura, Akiko Ito, Shizuko Fujisawa, Khairun Hisam Bin Nasir, Hiromasa Saitoh, Sophien Kamoun, Peter Winter, Günter Kahl, Monika Reuter, Detlev Krüger

Characterization of AVR3a of Phytophthora infestans, a Member of the RXLR Family of Cytoplasmic Effectors
Jorunn I.B. Bos, Carolyn Young, Joe Win, Miles R. Armstrong, Paul R.J. Birch, and Sophien Kamoun

Phosphopantetheinyltransferase Required For Post-Translational Activation of Polyketide Synthases and Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthases Is a Virulence Factor of Fusarium graminearum
Michaela Peruci, Franz Berthiller, Marc Lemmens, Rainer Schuhmacher, Rudolf Krska, Angela Cziferszky, Rudolf Mitterbauer, and Gerhard Adam

General and Specific Virulence Factors in Fungal Pathogens
Jonathan D. Walton, Kouhei Ohtani, Dipnath Baidyaroy, Nyerhovwo J. Tonukari, Kerry F. Pedley, and John S. Scott-Craig

Secrets of Xylem Colonization—The Xylem Sap Proteome of Tomato Infected with Fusarium oxysporum
Martijn Rep, Charlotte van der Does, Michiel Meijer, Petra M. Houterman, Henk L. Dekker, Dave Speijer, Chris G. de Koster, and Ben J.C. Cornelissen

Interplay at the Interphase: Fumonisin B1, a Fungal Toxin, and Its Effects on the Plasma Membrane from Maize Embryos
Gutiérrez-Nájera N, Rodríguez-Mejía P, Palacios-Bahena S, Carmona-Salazar L, Saucedo-García M, Noyola-Martínez L, Enríquez-Arredondo C, Vázquez-Vázquez C, Plasencia J, Cruz-Ortega R, and Gavilanes-Ruíz M

The Ustilago maydis – Arabidopsis thaliana Pathosystem as a Model for Fungal-Plant Interactions
Cristina G. Reynaga-Peña, Lucila Méndez-Morán, Barbara Jablonksa, Patricia S. Springer, Claudia León-Ramírez, and José Ruiz-Herrera

Microarray Analysis of the Transcriptome of Blumeria graminis, the Obligate Biotrophic Pathogen of Barley
M Both, M Csukai, MPH Stumpf, and PD Spanu

The ClaSSD1 Gene of Colletotrichum lagenarium Is Involved in Withstanding Plant Defense Responses
Shigeyuki Tanaka, Kaori Yamada, Kayo Yabumoto, Richard O’Connell, Gento Tsuji, Hironori Koga, Koji Dohi, Masashi Mori, Tomonori Shiraishi and Yasuyuki Kubo

Interplay of Gene-Specific Disease Resistance, Basal Defense, and the Suppression of Host-Responses to Barley Powdery Mildew
Rico A. Caldo, Dan Nettleton, and Roger P. Wise

Identification of QTLs for Botrytis cinerea Resistance in S. habrochaites LYC4
Richard Finkers, Adriaan W. van Heusden, Arjen ten Have, Jan van Kan and Pim Lindhout

Interactions Between Plants and Nematodes, and Plants and Insects

Identification of Plant Formin Genes Inolved in Giant Cell Formation Induced by Root-Knot Nematodes in Arabidopsis
Bruno Favery, Liudmila A. Chelysheva, Fabien Jammes, Janice de Almeida-Engler, Philippe Lecomte and Pierre Abad

From Genomics to Discovery of Virulence Proteins of Phytoplasmas, Invasive Microbes of Plants and Insects
Xiaodong Bai, Valdir Correa, Jianhua Zhang, El-Desouky Ammar, Sally A. Miller and Saskia A. Hogenhout

Direct Identification and Functional Analysis of Secretory Proteins from the Plant Parasitic Root-Knot Nematode
Rosso M.N., Dubrana M.P., Jaubert S., de Almeida-Engler J., and Abad P.

Legume Symbiotic Signal Transduction Pathways Are Co-opted for Parasitism by Root-Knot Nematodes
David Bird, Ravisha Weerasinghe, Nina Allen, Jennifer Schaff and Dasharath Lohar

Characterization of AtWRKY23, an Arabidopsis thaliana Gene That Is Highly Expressed in Nematode Induced Feeding Sites
Gheysen G., Grunewald W., Van de Cappelle, E, Karimi M., De Smet I., Inzé D., Beeckman T.

Genetics and Pathogenicity of Root-Knot Nematodes Valerie M. Williamson and Qingli Liu

Innate Immune Response in Animals

Immunity in Flies: Innate but Specific
Laure El Chamy and Jean-Marc Reichhart

The Innate Immune System of Vertebrates: Challenges for Future Research
Herman P. Spaink, B. Ewa Snaar-Jagalska and Annemarie H. Meijer Author Index; Subject Index

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